Nettleton Traditionals 0205 0206

Nettleton Traditionals 0205 and 0206

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Nettleton 0205 0206

My feet often look like 1977. I am not sure when these Nettleton shoes were made but it could have been that year. The Nettleton models 0205 (brown) and 0206 (black) were essentially their version of the Florsheim Imperial 92604 and 93602.

Nettleton Traditionals

As I mentioned in another post, “Traditionals” was Nettleton’s premium product line. These shoes are all leather and fully leather lined. The upper leather is thick. The soles are are extremely wide. The broguing is very pronounced.

Nettleton wingtip

Both wearing them and measuring them, these Nettleton shoes run true to size. They might be a tiny bit wide. Since many vintage shoes are hand crafted, there is variation in sizing even for the same model and size.

Nettleton Traditionals 0205 0206

What is that circle in the back of the heel? Its a metal plug. Its like a v-cleat but not V. It is surprisingly substantial.

Nettleton Heel and Sole

Are they a better shoe than Alden, Allen Edmonds MacNeil or Florsheim Imperials? I don’t think they are better but they are comparable. I do like the comfort of my Alden and Florsheim shoes better. Allen Edmonds has a better lining. I think the style of the Nettleton shoes is a bit cooler.

Nettleton longwing

If you are a collector of vintage men’s shoes, these should be on your list. They are somewhat uncommon on eBay but not rare. It will likely take some time to find a pair in your size. Depending on the condition and size popularity, expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $150 for a worn pair.

Nettleton Shoes Syracuse

Vintage Nettleton

Nettleton Long Wing 0205

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    1. The kids want you to be happy. That’s their first priority. Its true of all kids. Make their parents happy. Pretty sure.

  1. Full leather heel makes them superior to AE or Florsheims (construction quality-wise) IMO. Thanks for the article. Just listed my lower tier Nettletons to swap them for 0205. Both found on ebay with your help. Much apperciated!

  2. “Long time listener, first time caller”
    I am a fan of Nettleton. My pair of 0205’s are worn 1-2x a week. I even believe I learned about them from this awesome site.

    Thanks for all the knowledge you choose to share with us all.

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