Hanover Shell Cordovan

Hanover Shell Cordovan Models

Hanover Shoe Company was founded in Hanover Pennsylvania in 1899 and produced quality, goodyear welted shoes from its factories until 1996. Twenty years after Hanover ended the production of shoes in the USA, Hanover shoes are still sought after by men’s shoe enthusiasts.

Hanover was one of the top shoe manufacturers in the USA and produced a wide range of men’s boots and shoes. Like many USA shoe manufacturers, Hanover produced a limited number of premium models using Horween Shell Cordovan leather.

Below I have started a list of these Shell Cordovan models to help with identification of them. The list is not complete but it does contain the most common Shell Cordovan model that you’ll find on eBay. After Florsheim, Hanover is the most common vintage Shell Cordovan brand.

The model identifier for Hanover shoes is a four-digit number. In the image below, 2168 is the model number. Early Shell Cordovan models were labelled “Imperial”. In the late 1960s(?), the “LB Sheppard Signatures” label was introduced as Hanover’s premium line of shoes. The LB Sheppard line appears to have ended in the 1980s and “Masterflex” or “Masterflex Signature” was used instead.

Hanover Shoe Model Number

I have seen both rubber and leather heels on the same model. Some Hanover outsoles are labelled with “Shell Cordovan” while other soles are not. A few of the brown models below came in Ravello Shell Cordovan.

Hanover LB Sheppard 2100 – Saddle – Brown

Hanover LB Sheppard 2106 – Saddle – Brown/Black

Hanover Imperial 2150 – PTB – Brown

Notes: 1960s model

Hanover LB Sheppard 2168 – PTB – Brown

Notes: Appears to have replaced the 2150. The stitching is different than the 2150

Hanover Imperial 2350 – WTB- Brown

Notes: This model number was also used on a non-Shell long wing model

Hanover LB Sheppard 2351 – LWB – Brown

Hanover 2500 – Full Strap Loafer – Brown

Hanover 2505 – Tassel Loafer – Brown

Hanover 2522 – Handsewn Moccasin – Brown

Hanover 2524 – Handsewn Moccasin – Brown

Hanover Imperial 3150 – PTB – Black

Notes: Black version of the 2150. The stitching is different than the 3168

Hanover LB Sheppard 3168 – PTB – Black

Notes: Black version of the 2168 The stitching is different than the 3150. See more details on this model.

Hanover LB Sheppard 3351 – LWB – Black

Notes: Black version of the 2351

Hanover 3505 – Tassel Loafer – Black

46 thoughts on “Hanover Shell Cordovan Models”

  1. Thanks, some of those created additional style numbers to the Horween shell list of shoes found on the internet. Now, If I can just find some for me!

      1. Are the masterflex 2356’s also corrected leather? Just picked up a good looking pair for $5 from Goodwill and they are in my size, so I’m happy regardless.

  2. I own a pair of Hanover, A man’s shoe, saddle shoes, model 2182, SN17332016, that are unusual. First, They are black/red and second, the markings on the sole make me believe the shell cordovan is from someone other than Horween. The bottom sole on one shoe is stamped with a horse and jockey galloping, legs spread, and long whip over head. It also contains the letters “F. D.” above the horse and “D C” below. Can you help me out? Where can I find additional information? Thanks.

    1. Are you sure they are shell? The ones I have seen are not. You can always send me a photo.

      I believe “F.D.” indicates they are seconds. Like Allen Edmonds seconds, the defect could be very minor.

      1. I believe F.D, stands for Factory Defect or something like that–as you said, seconds. I have a pair of Florsheims and a pair of Hanovers with the same thing stamped into the sole. However, in neither case have I been able to find the reason for it–must be a pretty minor issue. Both pairs are perfectly usable and you wouldn’t think they were seconds if you didn’t see the marking.

      1. No. Ravello is the name of the Shell Cordovan color. Search on “Alden Ravello” and you will find examples of the color

  3. I recently bought my first Hanover LB Sheppard from the Bay, a #2100 saddle. The size is marked as 10.5 C/B. I thought it unusual that the heel has a one size drop from the ball width, instead of the usual two.

    1. I have seen a number of pre-1960s pairs with a one width difference in the heel. Its surprising when you find one. Maybe it was an option at one point.

      1. I have a few catalogs from Hanover from the 1970s and 1980s and I don’t see that version of the model. The pair doesn’t appear to have any creases so they look like Shell to me.

  4. Hi, thank you for this! I would like feedback on the fit of the PTB 2168, is it true to size? how does this compare to the Alden barrie?


  5. I am looking at some Hanover penny loafers model 2570. They look nearly unworn and so I cannot tell from any creasing in the photos if they are shell. Have you seen this model in shell? Thanks!

  6. Hanover made a slimmer style wingtip, marketed as TrueTread. These had what is know as a Bal (v-like) opening for the laces rather than the larger blucher opening found on the traditional wing tips. There was a Shell Cordovan model for this line. I would have yje model number but gave my pair to my son.

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