Nettleton Shell Cordovan

Nettleton Shell Cordovan Models

Like my guides for Florsheim and Hanover Shell Cordovan models, I have wanted to put together a guide for Nettleton models. The Florsheim and Hanover guides were put together by tracking ebay sales over a two year period and augmented by model information listed in vintage Florsheim and Hanover shoe catalogs.

Below is the Nettleton guide but it is fairly limited because its very rare to find any Nettleton Shell Cordovan for sale during the past four years. The list encompasses all the Nettleton Shell models that have appeared on ebay during that period. I am certain there are other Nettleton Shell Cordovan models since Nettleton was in business for 100+ years but I have been limited to what has appeared ebay (not much) and hindered by my lack of any vintage Nettleton shoe catalogs. Poor me. And poor you because it is nearly impossible to find a pair now a days.

Nettleton was a maker of premium shoes and based in Syracuse, New York. The firm was founded in 1878 and went through a number of owners between 1968 and 1990 when it closed. The company made great shoes and I have written a number of posts on various pairs.

The model number for Nettleton shoes is located on the second line of the shoe model information on the inside of the shoes. In this case, it is model “0208”
Nettleton Shoe Model Number

This is model “4063”. Newer Nettleton shoes have a month-year code (“C3” below) and a “HEEL” prefix before the heel width. I don’t know what year this labeling was introduced but I have assumed it was in the 1970s
Nettleton Shoe Model Number

Nettleton 0197 Traditionals – Wingtip – Burgundy

Nettleton 0199 Traditionals – Plain Toe Blucher – Burgundy

Nettleton 0208 Traditionals – Long Wing Blucher – Burgundy

Nettleton 0213 / 2013 Traditionals – Long Wing Blucher – Black

Note: It was hard to read the model number on this pair. I have seen just one pair. There was another one sold with number 2013.

Nettleton 2280 For Barclay – Plain Toe Blucher – Burgundy

Nettleton 2668 – Loafer – Black

Nettleton 4062 – Saddle – Burgundy

Nettleton 4063 – Long Wing Blucher – Burgundy

Note: Appears to be identical to the model 0208. Newer model than the 0208

Nettleton 4064 – Plain Toe Blucher – Burgundy

Nettleton 4065 – Loafer – Burgundy

Nettleton G302 for Barclay – Wing Tip Bal – Burgundy

Nettleton 24519 for Barclay – Loafer – Burgundy

Nettleton – Plain Toe Blucher – Black

Note: No model number was listed on this pair

5 thoughts on “Nettleton Shell Cordovan Models”

  1. The 4062 saddles pictures appear to be different models as one has brogueing down the side of where the eyelet tab would be on a blucher

    1. Tim and I worked this out. We armed wrestled over it. He won but has let me continue to use the photo in question.

  2. Hi David,

    Just wanted to say thank you. Due to your great site and thorough information, I was able to score a pair of 4063’s in great shape, with the original soles and vcleat heels, off ebay for…$45!? I think part of the luck was that the seller listed them as B width but when you look at the pictures they clearly were/are D width. I’ll take it lol.

    Of course it made my day but it also made me wistful in the sense that we’ve lost so such as quality like this is 99.9% long gone in US made shoes or into the 1k range a pair, at least.

    But I guess if we must be dinosaurs, at least we will be tasteful and fashionale ones. Thanks again!

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