Bostonian Spring Summer 1962 Catalog

1962 Bostonian Shoe Catalog Part 1

I have a few vintage shoe catalogs that I have collected over the years. Having a reference for old models and descriptions helps with my hobby of buying and selling vintage shoes. There isn’t an archive anywhere on the internet for vintage shoe model information so printed materials can help fill in that gap but old catalogs are rarely sold on eBay.

This catalog was produced in 1962 and has all the standard Bostonian models produced during that year. I found it interesting to look at what styles were popular at the time. And I was a surprised by the large number of shoes lasts used. Also, Bostonian made far more shell cordovan models than I expected. Its very rare to find any of these shoes on eBay but they do show up every now and then.

This catalog was intended for businesses reselling Bostonian shoes, not the general pubic. It must have been costly to put together and produce at that time. The catalog materials included an order sheet for buying the shoes in bulk. A lot of these shoes look great but in my experience, the pictures/photos often look better than the actual shoes. Like the ad for a restaurant hamburger looks better than the actual burger. But I still like hamburgers and vintage shoes.

What else was going on in 1962? I wasn’t alive but according to Wikipedia, lots of big things including John Glenn orbiting the earth, Marilyn Monroe dying, the Rolling Stones played their first show, US established a ground command in Vietnam, and this thing called the Cuban missile crisis. So this could have been the final Bostonian catalog had things turned out differently. But we survived and so did Bostonian, at least for a few more decades.

Bostonian Spring Summer 1962 Catalog

Bostonian Shell Cordovan Bostonian Shoe Handshoemakers Models 2202 2014 2002 Cherry LWB Longwing PTB ATB

Bostonian Shoe Handshoemakers Models 2048 2034 2035 2016 LWB Longwing NST PTB

Bostonian Shoe Models

1962 Bostonian Footsavers

Bostonian Shoe Models 4010, 4244, 4245

Bostonian Shoe Models 406, 407, 4434, 4435, 4432, 4433

Bostonian Shoe Models 402, 403, 4242, 4243

Bostonian Shoe Models 446, 447, 400, 401, 424

Bostonian Shoe Models 5878, 5879

Bostonian Shoe Models 564, 565

Bostonian Shoe Models 568, 569, 566, 567

Bostonian Shoe Models 5864, 5861, 5894, 5895

Bostonian Shoe Models 530, 531, 5004, 5013, 5826, 5825

Bostonian Shoe Models 5892 5864 5890 Cherry Cordovan

Bostonian Shoe Models 8846 8847

Bostonian Shoe Models 555 553 Shell Cordovan PTB WTB

Bostonian Shoe Models 5570 5562 5564 5565

Bostonian Shoe Models 666 667

Bostonian Shoe Models 6448 6447 6034 6035

Bostonian Shoe Models 6502 6503

Bostonian Shoe Models 6500 6501 6504 6505 6506 6507

Bostonian Shoe Models 618 619 6610 6825 6826

Bostonian Shoe Models 6748 6747 646 6749

Bostonian Shoe Models 6001 6472

See the second half of the catalog here.

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