Bostonian 25736 Long Wing Blucher

Last month I bought a pair of Made in USA Bostonian shoes on eBay. Yep, another pair of Long Wings. I do have other styles! I will post other styles soon. But not today.

Vintage Bostonian 25736

Like most eBay listings, the photos were mediocre so I wasn’t quite sure what I bought until I opened the shipping box. And when I did, the shoes looked great and were basically brand new. Nice find!

Vintage Bostonian 25736

I have no way to date them but the logo looks very 1980ish.

Vintage Bostonian 25736

The shoe workmanship is excellent. They have Alden-like construction but the leather doesn’t feel as buttery as Alden shoes. The upper is a thick, highly texturized pebble grain with subtle antiquing in various places. It has a leather storm welt and double leather soles. They are fully lined with soft, glove leather.

Vintage Bostonian 25736

One of the first things I noticed about the shoes was that they were almost identical in construction to a pair of Hanover LB Sheppard Long Wings I have. The medallion was the same, both have 6 eyelets and “COMFORT ARCH” system, and the stitching had the same pattern. The main difference was the soles, the Hanover has a Goodyear rubber sole while the Bostonian has a leather sole with v-cleat. Hanover LB Sheppard shoes are very good so that was a pleasant surprise. According to Wikipedia, Clarks bought Hanover Shoes in 1978 and then Bostonian in 1979. So that is how the companies are tied together.

Below are some photos of a black Hanover LB Sheppard for comparison.
Hanover LB Sheppard and Bostonian shoes

Hanover LB Sheppard stitchingBostonian Stitching

Hanover LB Sheppard and Bostonian heels

Hanover LB Sheppard

Hanover LB Sheppard and Bostonian medallian
Enjoy the photos.

13 thoughts on “Bostonian 25736 Long Wing Blucher”

  1. I have a pair of Bostonians #25738, long wingtip Oxfords that are very similar to the #25736. There are are no markings on where they were made. Is it safe to assume they were made in the USA?

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I think the closest in the catalog is a 5564 flexaire brogue. Drawing looks very similar.

  2. Sometimes you get lucky! Just bought a pair of 25736 at a thrift store. New, never worn. Size 8 1/2 D. These look just as solid as my Florsheim and AE’s

  3. Lucky find! Those are nice.
    May I go slightly off-topic to ask about Dexter (made in U.S.A.) LWBs? Were the uppers bonded leather or corrected grain leather? I’m not quite sure that they are full-grain. I’m also not sure when mine were made. One pair was made for Sibley’s, which I believe is a department store in Detroit.

  4. According to one of Robert Powers’ videos, Bostonians are now making a premium ($400-plus) line of shoes in the USA. Do you know anything about these?

    1. Those were made in the former P.W. Minor factory in Batavia, New York. They just made them for a year or two. I need to find a pair.

  5. How is the fit on these? I’m usually an E size but have found some of these chunkier longwings to fit more like an E even when in D.

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