1970 FootJoy Catalog

FootJoy 1970 Shoe Catalog

I haven’t published a vintage catalog in sometime so I picked one out from my collection and scanned it. This is a needed break for the blog. Who wants to keep reading the same story about a bad shoe gone good? It is an engaging story though. I always cry at the end. I don’t like to admit that. The shame.

This FootJoy catalog is nearly 50 years old and documents the products of the Brockton, Massachusetts based company. Most of the shoes are golf related but FootJoy also produced dress shoes. The Goodyear welted FootJoy golf shoes were considered some of the best golf shoes in the world. They were produced in Brockton until 2009.

The catalog lists shoes made from a variety of materials including turtle, alligator, and Corfam. FootJoy also introduces a line of Aztran shoes in the catalog. Aztran was a fake, poromeric leather similar to Corfam. FootJoy called them “21st Century” golf shoes. But Aztran never made it to the 21st century. BF Goodrich cancelled the product one year later in 1971.

I have a number of vintage FootJoy shoes including both golf and dress shoes. I have been impressed with quality and comfort of the shoes. The FootJoy model 77347 is one of my favorite pairs of long wings. And I like showing up on the golf course with my old school alligator FootJoy Classics. They stand out. The pair is definitely a conversation starter. You can still regularly find new old stock (NOS) pairs of FootJoy golf shoes on ebay. Prices range from $150 to $400 for NOS but the lower priced pairs sell quickly. Because they are a bargain.

To save space and bandwidth, I removed the womens and kids shoes. Sorry. I did include the Ben Hogan golf shoe collection. I assume they were a value line for FootJoy. They make me think of poor Bob Hughes and his Ben Hogan clubs.

Enjoy the catalog. And the polyester pants the model wears.

1970 Foot-Joy Catalog

Brockton Footwear Inc

FootJoy Catalog

FootJoy Aztran

FootJoy 59113 59139 59105

FootJoy 51425 51417 51391 51409

FootJoy 51870 51854 51862 Patent Leather

FootJoy Turtle 51821 51839 51847

Vintage FootJoy 55863 55830 51805 55848

Old School FootJoy Spectator 51185 51219 51201 51193

1970 FootJoy Golf 51763 51573

Vintage FootJoy Golf 51532 51748 51722

FootJoy Saddle 70995 80341

FootJoy Classics 51789 51797 51482 51276

FootJoy Made in USA 51011 51003 51029

FootJoy 1960 51904 51912 51359 51367

FootJoy Monk 51953 51938 51920 51946

Vintage FootJoy Golf 55780 53736

Foot-Joy Monk 53827 53819 53801

Foot-Joy Loafer 72249 72231 72223

FootJoy Alligator

Vintage FootJoy Alligator 70847 77578 77560 70839 Loafer

FootJoy Alligator Monk 72637 72629 79202 79210

Vintage Foot-Joy Alligator Loafer 72371 72363 72181 72199

Seventies FootJoy 72678 72660 72645 72652

FootJoy 72447 72454 79145 79152 79160

Vintage FootJoy Loafer 72389 72397 50435 77420

FootJoy Street Shoes 72603 72520 72512 72504

Vintage Foot-Joy Oxford 72074 70706 70698 72066

FootJoy Long Wing 77347 77354 77412

FootJoy Ben Hogan Golf Shoes

Vintage FootJoy Ben Hogan Golf Shoes

Old School FootJoy Ben Hogan Golf Shoes

Classics Footjoy Golf Shoes

1970 Foot-Joy Ben Hogan Golf Shoes

Vintage FootJoy Kilties

FootJoy Shoe Tree

FootJoy Sizing Chart

Vintage FootJoy Golf Brockton

11 thoughts on “FootJoy 1970 Shoe Catalog”

  1. Wow, thanks for posting this! I recently bought a gently used pair of black alligator bluchers (page 20), and I must say that the quality of the skin is really good, just as they bragged! It’s also interesting how atypical the almond-shape of the toe is when compared to many US made shoes of the time. The very short “wingtip” looks cool too.

  2. Loved looking at the classic footjoy shoes in this catalog. I have been wearing FJs for 42 years and have always loved the saddle style FJs.

  3. My grandmother just gave me a pair of FJ Green-Joys model number 45237 that my grandfather purchased and never took out of the box. I’ve looked high and low on the internet but can’t find anything on them. Do you know anything about them? The insides are completely lined with fleece and even had the envelope with spare spikes.

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