Florsheim Shoe Catalog Fall 1969 part 3

Florsheim 20726 20616 20651

Florsheim 20734 20711

Florsheim 20201 20202

Florsheim 20662 30705 20071

Florsheim 20101 20105

Florsheim 31722 21693 31720 21692 31057 21053

Florsheim 21685 31714

Florsheim 31800 21756 31116 21097

Florsheim 21694 29614

Florsheim 20308 30355 20304

Florsheim 23601 23301

Florsheim 20305 20311 20340

Florsheim 21715 21763 20327 31824

Florsheim 30629 20623

Florsheim 24603 24001

Florsheim 20077 20056

Florsheim 20204 20173

Florsheim 20325 29613 20326

Florsheim 80603 80604 80602

Florsheim 99027 99028

Florsheim 99025

Florsheim 40014 40013 40012

Florsheim 40016 87004 89004

Florsheim extreme sizes

Florsheim sizes

Florsheim 1969 Model list

14 thoughts on “Florsheim Shoe Catalog Fall 1969 part 3”

  1. The “Imperial” vs “Royal Imperial” distinction has always intrigued me. This catalog implies that the “hand finishing/polishing” of uppers is the only distinction, at least in circa 1969 times. Now, excuse my skeptical (cynical? )nature, but I kind of figured that, in later years, Florsheim pushed the “Royal” to assure the public that “the quality is still there” as they continued to fight loss of customers in the increasingly price-sensitive world market.

    Your thoughts please, David…

    1. In my opinion, the Royal Imperial shoes of the 1960s were slightly better than the 1960s Imperial shoes. The Royal Imperial shoes of the early 1990s tried to reestablish a quality product. Avoid the 1990s corrected leather Royal Imperials.

    2. John, this style of shoe became very popular with youth in the early 1970’s in the UK. I don’t recall the Florsheim name but it was the Imperial on offer having 5 nails in the sole and the ‘suicide’ heel. Likely it was modified and re-badged for export. They were referred to as brogues, without the distinction of being ‘long wing’, a US rather than UK style, and were known as ‘Royals’. Burgundy was the preferred colour, as cherry red was with Doc Martens, and I doubt whether cordovan was on offer.

  2. I worked for Florsheim from 2004-11. Thanks for posting this catalog.
    I always found it fascinating that narrow widths were mostly 9 and sometimes up to 13 (even in my time on certain models) but wide widths started at size 7 but usually stopped at 12. Men had long slender feet or short fat feet. 😂

    I’d love to get a Kenmoor in any color 8 1/2D. Not shell and doesn’t have to be very vintage. Can you help?

    Jack Watters

  3. Any idea how long they made the alligator regency loafer? or when they started making it? i have a pair and the date code is missing the second identifier. they are the 35007 models and beautiful but dating them is hard!

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