Florsheim Shoe Catalog Fall 1969 part 2

Florsheim 31132 31131

Florsheim 31843 31836

Florsheim 31327 31326

Florsheim 30679 20686 30736

Florsheim 21746 31786

Florsheim 31636 21633 31308 21304

Florsheim 20611 20720 20607

Florsheim 21050 31053

Florsheim Imperial 93017 92032

Florsheim Alligator 35007 25007

Florsheim Alligator 35606 25606

Florsheim Imperial Kenmoor 93602 92604

Florsheim Imperial 93644

Florsheim Imperial 93631 93639

Florsheim Imperial 93603 92611

Florsheim Imperial 93619

Florsheim Imperial 93605 92612 Shell Cordovan

Florsheim Imperial 93606 92621 Shell Cordovan

Florsheim Imperial 92315

Florsheim Imperial 24002

Florsheim Imperial 93028

Florsheim Royal Imperial

Florsheim Royal Imperial 97604 96605 Concord

Florsheim Royal Imperial 97606 96609 Stratford

Florsheim Royal Imperial 93607

Florsheim Royal Imperial 96607

Florsheim 31127 21103 31128 21104

Florsheim 21098 21102 31126 21101 31125

Florsheim 20021 30016 20063 20043

Florsheim 20671 20025 20635 30702

See Part 3 of the Catalog

17 thoughts on “Florsheim Shoe Catalog Fall 1969 part 2”

  1. Great post-thanks!! So the Concord did have superior leathers than the 93602.

    I think it’s time to go looking for some holy nos grails….

    1. The 1960s leather on the 93602 was excellent (some of the leather in the 80s versions is not as good). The old Imperial ads mentioned the world’s “finest leather”. The Concord leather appears the same veg-tan leather but I assume it might be a bit better. The brown Concord is rare. The last NOS version I saw went for $500.

      1. Thanks- good to know. I thought the quality of the 93602’s had stayed consistent thru end of production.

  2. Hey, thanks, found my alligator split toes. Numbers on mine are worn off, but this gives me an approximate date on them.

  3. If they came back and made these styles and quality again, I’d buy one of each!!!!! Amazing how America lost it’s way with quality shoes. (save for Alden and AE)

  4. Looks like all the laces pictured are leather. Were they delivered like that? I’ve never noticed any NOS to have laces like that.

  5. i have a pair of florsheim dress shoes they are two sets of numbers one in the tongue is 12 E3 17067-05 THE NUMBER ON THE SIDE IS 176254 02 AND THE LETTERS UNDER IT IS HH can you tell me what i have

  6. Hello have a pair of saddle shoes have to set of numbers 30358-2 AF and the second is 333709 6 need help they look cool but not sure if calf leather or cordovan thank you Ray E mail bennra3189@gmail.com

  7. So many A, AA, and AAA widths available back then. Fifty years ago I needed A width shoes. I’m glad my feet widened over the years, because now it’s hard to find anything narrower than a D width (which, happily, I can wear now), in most shoes.

  8. I was 17 when that catalog came out. Back in those days, the LWB (gunboat wingtip) was THE “business man’s shoe”.

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