John Lobb Parisian Brown Misty Jermyn III

September eBay Dress Shoe Sales

I debate picking a winner in highest priced shoe. I generally go with the top auction price but there are “Best Offer Accepted” sales with higher prices but you can’t find out the offer price. The top auction was a pair of Cigar Alden PTBs that went for $1626. But the buyer must have sobered up because these same shoes were relisted later. So I am calling these excellent John Lobb single monk strap shoes as the top shoe for September at $1,295.00. Congrats. You win nothing but my recognition.

Here are the Top 10 totals by Brand. Allen Edmonds continues to be #1. And yes, Ferragamo shows up twice. This is a problem with eBay brand categorization but in future months, I plan to clean this up. For this table only, not all of eBay. Just so we are clear.

Brand Total Sales Items Sold Total Bids Total Hits
Allen Edmonds $333,070.64 3,861 6,205 910,257
Salvatore Ferragamo $155,881.73 1,032 3,004 222,511
Gucci $99,572.24 540 1,921 125,033
Alden $90,560.09 436 1,543 219,363
Cole Haan $82,467.09 1,671 2,999 234,531
Johnston & Murphy $65,276.84 1,417 1,322 244,617
Florsheim $32,237.35 761 917 131,561
Prada $30,022.79 193 548 46,610
Magnanni $27,769.31 270 653 52,373
Ferragamo $24,803.41 191 648 34,056

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