Gaziano Girling St. James II Vintage Cherry

November eBay Dress Shoe Sales

Between my time spent on cheating diesel emission tests, I collect eBay stats. Lots of them. I don’t really do much with them yet but just wait. I promise. Someday I will reveal dress shoe stat gold. For now, here are some basic stats on sales by brand.

Brand Total Sales Items Sold Total Bids Total Hits
Allen Edmonds $265,296 3,215 6,505 849,505
Salvatore Ferragamo $187,003 1,265 3,945 275,962
Gucci $97,101 551 2,392 152,933
Alden $87,285 437 1,497 207,921
Cole Haan $78,080 1,684 3,808 244,415
Johnston & Murphy $66,409 1,371 1,286 246,918
PRADA $32,822 206 612 47,720
Mezlan $31,466 362 800 59,559
Florsheim $30,948 754 1,244 139,625
John Lobb $23,730 52 267 34,703

But there is more. Below are the highest priced auction sales for the month. Which I find interesting. There are five pairs of Aldens and three of them cigar shell cordovan. No Yeezy shoes on the list.

Brand Item (click item to view at eBay) Price
Gaziano & Girling NIB Gaziano & Girling St. James II Vintage Cherry UK 9.5E TG73 Last with Trees 1150.00
Alden NEW Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Bluchers Size 6 1/2D 1009.00
Alden Alden Whiskey Shell Cordovan Long Wing Bluchers Dress Shoes size 8 966.00
BERLUTI Berluti Demesure Andy Double Monk – color black – size 8,5 918.00
Alden Alden Shell Cordovan shoes (cigar) 910.00
Christian Louboutin NIB CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Luxury Men’s Shoe Made In France Size 10.5 m 43.5 842.00
Edward Green Edward Green INVERNESS Wingtip Oxford Burgundy Antique Calfskin UK8 / US8.5 831.00
Alden Alden Norwegian NST Split Toe Loafer, Cigar Shell Cordovan, Grant, US 8.5D, New! 815.00
Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin Men’s New Platers Fiori Flat 750.00
Alden New Alden Ravello or color 4 & alpine grain longwing blucher size 8 Barrie 660.00

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