Instragram Vintage Shoes

Instagram Vintage Shoe Feeds

I am a recent Instagram’r. My feed is about shoes. Yes, surprising. I had some bias against Instagram because it was selfie central but I have bought in now. And other shoe enthusiasts have bought in as well. Below is a list of some of the people and shops I follow.

europeanblend_noswbox Instagram feed is a great way to browse his amazing collection of shoes. He is extremely knowledgeable about vintage shoes and blogs about them. His blog makes me wish I knew Japanese. His Instagram feed is the easiest way to see some of his collection.

There are many Japanese bloggers who are passionate about vintage shoes. Some of them have Instagram accounts as well. Here a few other Japanese feeds I follow: l.w.t.0102; ryo_1983; born2die1978; and pastor_kuromame.

Super 8 Shoes is a Japanese shop that sells and repairs vintage shoes. They make shoes as well (I believe). They have a great website with the history of the shoes that are being sold. But its in Japanese and Google Translate sometimes fails me. Their Instragram feed has some fantastic photos: super8hori

Hong Kong based Leather Healer regularly posts some great photos: leatherhealer

Greenwich Vintage Co takes vintage shoes and modernizes them with bold rubber soles and upper inserts such as camo. They are very creative. Their creations are similar to the shoes Mark McNairy produces but are more authentic. They sell shoes but will also customize your own footwear. Follow them here: grnwchvntgco

While Alden is not generally vintage, they do makes great shoes in classic styles. The #aldenarmy tag is frequently used to post shots of their shoes. A few Alden accounts I follow: Alden of Carmel, Brick and Mortar, LeatherSoul, inn8chiro

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