I buy, sell and restore vintage shoes. Mainly vintage American shoes from the 60s to 80s but some Italian and English shoes as well. I have been doing this as a hobby for the past few years.

This blog is intended to share some of the knowledge and insights I have learned. I also am trying to make it easier to connect buyers and sellers of shoes.

What is a v-cleat (or vcleat)? It is a metal insert built into the back heel of some vintage shoe models. Florsheim, Nettleton, Nunn Bush and Bostonian used them back in the day. Some English makers as well. The intent of it was to extend the life of the heel (and shoe). The v-cleat (and the large number of heel nails used) did reduce traction though and made the shoe slippery on smooth surfaces. “Suicide heel” was a term for this slipperiness. The heel was often replaced with a rubber heel. No shoe company makes a shoe with a v-cleat anymore.

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